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Quality First

If you love Indian food then you must try in this restaurant.

Best in Vegan

Masala Masala – Genuine Indian cuisine inspired by its neighbors. Our innovative chef has specially composed a number of new vegan dishes.

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What Our Clients Say


This place offers a wide menu and has great Indian food. I’ve been trying Indian food in different countries and this restaurant is definitely one of my favorite. The Chicken Masala seems like it was homemade and and with the right portion.


Different experience but excellent, flavoursome food.
I say different experience because the menu setup is different than we are used to. I ordered 4 poppadums and they said to order just 1.. it came as a full starter with a 3 poppadums and chutney. Secondly we ordered our food and asked what rice they did but it was just 1 set rice with no options.

Sam Swagga